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The Pet Industry is exploding right in front of our eyes... it continues to grow despite the conditions of the economy. Why? Because our pets are now our children. We are no longer "Owners" we are now "Parents" and we treat our "new children" as we would treat our own "flesh and blood" kids!

That means everything from considering diets and personal amenities to health and grooming have become extremely important concerns, in the over 71 million pet housholds in America! That also means that funds and expenses associated with our pets have now worked into our household budgets.

Enter the PetBath a solution to an "age old" problem of how to bathe your pet without the clean up, muss and fuss, the discomfort and back pain and of course the convenience to bathe where you want and when you want, regardless of the weather conditions, where you live or the type of home in which you live.

PetBath has answered the question, that we as consumers as well as pet parents have been looking can we make the pet bathing experience easier, less costly and of course not as messy!