The New, Incredible & Revolutionary Self-Contained Pet Bathing Device -

"Keeping Your Pet Safe and Clean" 

"Keeping Your Pet Safe and Clean"

"Keeping Your Pet Safe and Clean"


We are a small team of dedicated visionaries, that see the future in pet bathing will be guided by convenience and not cost. That the pet parent's time and effort must be matched by the quality of the experience.

We need to get the PetBath  into the hands of the over 73mm household in the USA that have over 140million registered dogs and cats. Why, because 84%of them wash their pet at home.  And you can be a part of that...



With your help we'll be able to make the dream a reality and all will be able to share the PetBath experience. Our first step is to let the world  participate.  How will we do that, you say? Not by ourselves, we need your help...


Of  course the first question is if I give to the PetBath crowd fund campaign, what's in it for me and that is a GREAT question! What's in it for you? Well, continue reading...




PetBath will embark on a NEW and exciting effort to bring the product to the consumer and commercial marketplace this year! Stay tuned for info and updates!

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"Keeping Your Pet Safe and Clean"