The New, Incredible & Revolutionary Self-Contained Pet Bathing Device -

"Keeping Your Pet Safe and Clean" 

"Keeping Your Pet Safe and Clean"

"Keeping Your Pet Safe and Clean"

"Keeping Your Pet Safe and Clean"


The bathing system is easy to use. There are no moving parts. It's easy to transport and easy to store.


It does not connect to electricity to cause safety concerns. Connects to your sink or tub faucet.


Specially designed water jets wash and rinse your pet's body.


Inline PetBath Body Wash valve allows you to regulate the amount of soap or conditioner applied.


It can be placed anywhere close or far from your faucet and drain (hoses available).


99% rugged plastic parts, but light weight and portable

Made in the USA!


Fill Hose

Deluxe version has collapsible ramp and legs.

Non-slip mat for safety.

Drain catches hair, for easy removal.

Basic Model can sit on table or free standing.

Drain Hose

Grooming Leash

Drying Towel

Wash Cloth